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Jon has served as a studio musician as well as a gigging musician for the past 4 years, and in that time has not only performed countless times but also gained a reputation in the music scene. By performing in numerous bands, musical pits, and orchestras, Jon has refined not only the way he plays but also the way that he teaches. “No matter what, there's more to learn- the trick is to keep an open mind on what to learn next.”

Philosophy: Jon believes in teaching beginning to intermediate students of all ages the fundamentals of music so that they may grow to not only appreciate the art, but to also fulfill their wants as musicians. Whether they're trying to find a new hobby, or get into the rush of the limelight, Jon tries to teach students “what they want to learn” while still guiding them through the proper principles of music. Students are encouraged to meet their musical goals through their style(s) of choice, and still have fun along the journey. “Music will be with you your whole life, you may as well take the time to enjoy it.” Specializing in Classical/upright, Jazz, Rock, Funk-fusion, and Rockabilly while teaching the art of improvisation… All ages welcome!