What Is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program based on the beliefs that every child is musical, every parent is the child’s most important place for learning to take root and grow, and that based on research, music nurtures a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development. From birth to seven years of age, your child can grow with Kindermusik without pressure to perform, only encouragement to explore, express and discover. You’ll see a developmental evolution in language skills, literacy, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem and musicality.

Through the sheer joy of music and movement, Kindermusik encourages early learning and creativity in children 1 month to 7 years of age. It allows children to explore the world in a secure, stimulating environment, filling them with a sense of curiosity and the delight of self-expression.

About Kindermusik of Racine

Amy Bartholf, Program Director, is a licensed instructor of Kindermusik programs. Her groups of up to 12 children at a time meet during the week. Kindermusik of Racine was founded in January 1996 with eight classes in Beginnings and Growings and has now expanded to include all curricula offered by Kindermusik International. To facilitate this growth, additional teachers (all licensed Kindermusik instructors) have been added to the staff.

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Amy Bartholf - Maestro Educator
Christina Papagianis - Educator