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Michael is a dedicated Guitar and Bass teacher specializing in rock and blues styles.  While he stresses the importance of note reading and basic knowledge of music theory, he maintains a necessary balance of focus on the students interests and styles.  Students can learn anything from the newest pop/rock hits to jazz, hip hop and to the must know classic songs and riffs.

If playing in a band is what the student is interested in, Michael is an ideal choice as he encourages musicians to collaborate and learn together.  He is the founder of the Rock Shop program, a school for musicians to learn to play and perform together.  Students are matched with other musicians of similar ability and style to form a band.  Students entering this program are recommended to have had 1 to 2 years of private lessons and will leave with experience and confidence to start bands of their own or join a band of higher caliber.  Ask the Music Cafe customer service for more information.

Michael studied music at UWM and has been teaching guitar, bass and saxophone since 2001.  He loves working with young musicians who show a passion for what they do.  His patient and easygoing attitude make for an inspiring atmosphere for students to learn to set goals for themselves and work at a comfortable pace to achieve those goals.