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Travis Brown
Travis Brown

Guitar & Bass
Teaching Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Experience: 16 Years Teaching, 26 Years Studying
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems from UW-Milwaukee (Magnum cum Laude)
About: Travis believes in teaching beginner and advanced students strong fundamentals and appreciation of music, followed by advanced studies in music theory concepts for composing, improvising and songwriting. Travis has written a music theory book for all musicians called eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials. eVirtuoso-Music Theory Essentials contains a vast array of everyday music theory concepts for all musicians. From intervals to scales and arpeggios to chords, this guide provides step by step instructions to understanding common elements of music theory principles and applying those principles to everyday practice. This music theory book also contains a large amount of reference information for quick usage and review in traditional staff line and tablature (TAB) notation. Click HERE to get a digital copy.

Travis's knowledge of both music and computer programming allows him to create unique music theory online lessons, to help guitar students learn music theory concepts like chords, scales, and arpeggios. You can find more information here at eVirtuoso-Music Theory Online Lessons.

To discuss, comment, and ask questions about all aspects of music theory, stop by and post on Travis's eVirtuoso-Forum.
View Travis's Teacher Website.

Dave Dohearty
Teaching on: Wednesday & Thursday
Experience: 7 Years Teaching
Education: Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena, CA
About:Dave is a graduate of Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena, CA, where he had the opportunity to study with some of the most highly regarded musicians and educators in the Los Angeles area including Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Philip Bynoe (Steve Vai), and Mike Shapiro (Sergio Mendes). In addition to teaching guitar and bass privately, and group lessons in a band context full time for the past seven years, he has co-written methods and curriculum for the Kenosha Conservatory of Music and Todd Greene Music Studios.
Dave's teaching philosophy is guided by the idea that students at any stage of musical development can learn the theoretic and practical fundamental principles needed in building well-rounded musicianship through playing the music they love. In short: Learn what you need to know by playing the music you want to play. Or to put it yet another way: "Have your musical cake, and eat it, too!" Students are encouraged and guided in meeting their musical goals in their preferred style(s) in a fun, technology based learning environment utilizing modern recording and notation software, MIDI, and internet resources. In addition, they are exposed to various techniques and styles of music ranging from classical fingerstyle, to Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms, to jazz harmony, to heavy metal sweep picking.
Specializing in Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Jazz, and Latin, with an emphasis on performance, theory, improvisation, and technology. Beginner to Advanced, All Ages! View Dave's Website.

Geoff Howard
Guitar & Bass
Teaching on: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
Experience: 20 Years with 8 Years Teaching
Education: Associate’s Degree in Music Performance
About: Geoff has worked with Grammy winning artist/producer Joe Puerta (Ambrosia, Bruce Hornsby and The Range), touring nationally, studio recording, writhing commercial spots for local as well as national ads. View Geoff's Website.

Mike Murphy
Guitar & Bass
Teaching on: Wednesday & Thursday
Experience: 8 Years Teaching
Education: Studied Music at UW Milwaukee
About: Mike specializes in rock and blues styles. While he stresses the importance of note reading and basic knowledge of music theory, he maintains a perfect balance of focus on the students interests and styles. Students will learn anything from the newest pop/rock hits to jazz, hip hop and to the must know classic songs and riffs. If playing in a band is what you are interested in, Mike is an ideal choice as he encourages musicians to collaborate and learn together. He is the founder of the Rock shop program, a school for musicians to learn to play and perform together. Students are matched with other musicians of similar ability and style. Students entering this program are recommended to have had 1 to 2 years of private lessons and will leave with experience and confidence to start bands on their own or join a band of higher caliber. The Rock Shop is not only for kid but for adults too. View Mike's Website.

Jon Blessing
Jon Blessing

String Bass/Electric Bass
Teaching on:
Experience: 4+ Years
Education: Studio/gigging musician 4+ years
About: Jon has served as a studio musician as well as a gigging musician for the past 4 years, and in that time has not only performed countless times but also gained a reputation in the music scene. By performing in numerous bands, musical pits, and orchestras, Jon has refined not only the way he plays but also the way that he teaches. “No matter what, there’s more to learn- the trick is to keep an open mind on what to learn next.”

Philosophy: Jon believes in teaching beginning to intermediate students of all ages the fundamentals of music so that they may grow to not only appreciate the art, but to also fulfill their wants as musicians. Whether they’re trying to find a new hobby, or get into the rush of the limelight, Jon tries to teach students “what they want to learn” while still guiding them through the proper principles of music. Students are encouraged to meet their musical goals through their style(s) of choice, and still have fun along the journey. “Music will be with you your whole life, you may as well take the time to enjoy it.” Specializing in Classical/upright, Jazz, Rock, Funk-fusion, and Rockabilly while teaching the art of improvisation… All ages welcome! View Jon's Website.

Piano & Voice Instructors:

Mike Campbell
Teaching on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Experience: 20 Years Teaching
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Choral Conducting and Master of Arts in Music Composition.
About: Mike has written and performed jazz, rock, gospel, and neo-classical music for solo, small ensembles and symphony orchestra for many years. He has spent much time in the local recording industry as a session player and recording engineer while co-owning a recording studio in the area. View Mike's Website.

Hillary Johns
Piano & Voice
Teaching on: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Experience: 14 Years
Education: Music/Performance Arts and Early Childhood teacher through the State of Wisconsin
About: Hillary has experience in everything from musicals at local playhouses to singing the National Anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks games. Hillary has travelled extensively and has had the opportunity to perform in jazz clubs in Switzerland and South America. Hillary has experience in designing individual curriculums as well as teaching Spanish. View Hillary's Website.

Kelly Kuhl
Piano & Voice
Teaching on: Monday & Tuesday
Experience: 10 Years Teaching
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music from UW Whitewater
About: Kelly has been singing in the Milwaukee Symphony Chorus for 6 seasons and has been working as a church organist and choir director for over 20 years. Kelly teaches both basic ideas in musical theory and the correct techniques for singing without stressing your voice, so you can sing your whole life long. If you take piano lessons, not only will you learn music theory, and basic keyboard techniques, but you will discover the ways a piano is a percussion instrument that has tones. Rhythm is an essential element in the life of a pianist. Kelly welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. View Kelly's Website.

Holly Brown
Holly Brown

Teaching on: Saturday
Experience: Teaching since 1999
Education: Member of Wisconsin Chapter MTNA (Music Teachers National Association)
About: The finest teaching encourages a love of music. Music students, regardless of their age or degree of accomplishment, can establish a never-ending cycle of fulfillment. What greater reward can there be than to know that you have influenced your pupils' progress, and that you have helped them to grow through a language which ultimately affects everything they do.
Teaching is my passion. Nearly all new students are referral based because of my enthusiasm and unique approach to teaching. I take a patient, positive, and encouraging approach to learning the art, and especially the enjoyment of piano playing. The study of music is a truly rewarding and enriching experience that will remain with your child all his or her life. My goal is to provide each student with a well-rounded piano education in a positive and fun environment. It is my belief that every student can succeed musically, and that parental encouragement and involvement is a large factor in that success. View Holly's Website.

Percussion Instructors:

Alan Arber
Teaching on:
About: Alan Arber is a well known drummer/percussionist in the greater Milwaukee/Chicago areas. Alan is currently touring/recording for Daryl Stuermer (Phil COllins/Genesis guitarist), Genesis Rewired, Mary Karlzen, and has recorded with numerous artists, including Willy Porter and Janet Planet. Alan can also be heard on a number of commercial jingles and cd play alongs for Hal Leonard Publications.
Alan is currently accepting students of all ages and styles. Come learn the technical, mental, and auditory aspects of becoming a great musician.
View Alan's Website.

String Instructors:

Dale Wimer
Violin, Viola, Cello and String Bass
Teaching on: Wednesdays
Experience: 7 years of private instruction. 4 years as Mukwonago School District Orchestra Director. 7 years as a professional performing musician.
Education: Bachelor Degree of Instrumental and General Music Education from UW-Whitewater.
About: Dale has been teaching orchestra within the Mukwonago School District for four years. He is the Pit Orchestra Director for the musicals at the Mukwonago High School and is also the Tri-M Music Honors Society’s advisor. Dale is a founding member of the Echelon String Quartet, which performs regularly in the Wisconsin and Illinois area and can also be found in Branson Missouri every summer. He has also been a music director at the UW-Whitewater String Camp and has coached small ensembles for the Chamber Music Retreat held at UW-Whitewater. Dale has been a guest performer for the Palmyra/Eagle Community Band as well as the Grace Notes Orchestra. His philosophy of teaching is to enhance the lives of students and the community through music and music performance. He will teach the foundations necessary to enable students to be individualized learners through improvisation and other techniques that will enhance their lives through music.
View Dale's Website.

Allison Hertweck
Violin, Viola, Cello and String Bass
Teaching on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Experience: 12 years private lessons, 4 years Orchestra Director
Education: Bachelor of Instrumental Music Education from UW-Whitewater
About: Allison's primary instrument is viola. She is currently playing viola in the Beliot Janesville Symphony Orchestra, Kettle Moraine Symphony Orchestra, Watertown Area Chamber Orchestra, Lake Country Orchestra and the Waukesha Choral Union Orchestra. She also plays string bass in the Oconomowoc Legion Band. Allison taught Orchestra and Band at Hartford Union High School for the last two years and subbed in the Mukwonago School District for two years prior. View Allison's Website.

Mackenzie Wiley
Piano and Violin
Teaching on: Monday & Saturday
Experience: 2 years teaching private and groups lessons in piano and violin
Education: UW Whitewater Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance
About: Mackenzie is a graduate of UW Whitewater with a Bachelor of Music degree in piano performance, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is a Piano Academy teacher, and has taught both private and group lessons for both piano and violin. She performs as a former fellow with the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra. She has served on the executive board of NafME, Delta Omicron, and ASTA. She has worked with the UW Whitewater High School Honors Orchestra, Wisconsin State Solo and Ensemble, and UW Whitewater Young Musician's Day. Mackenzie has had a lifelong love of music and enjoys sharing that with her students. She prefers to tailor her lessons to each individual student based upon interests and learning styles. View Mackenzie's Resume.

Lindsay Patterson
Lindsay Patterson

Teaching on: Friday 3-6
Experience: Private instructor for students ranging in ages from 3-60’s
Education: M.M. in Cello Pedagogy from UW Milwaukee
About: Lindsay Patterson teaches a wide variety of students and levels. Previous teaching experience includes private instructor for students ranging in ages from 3-60's and beyond with levels from beginner to early advanced. Her main passion is her private teaching studio with dedicated students ranging from beginners to advanced, 4 years old to retirees. Her Master's Degree in Cello Pedagogy along with Suzuki Cello Certifications have given her the tools to help instruct all students, helping to adapt to each students' specific learning needs. View Lindsay's Resume.

View Lindsay's Website.

Brass & Woodwind Instructors:

John Knurr
Brass & Woodwind
Teaching on: Tuesday & Wednesday
Experience: 20+ Years of Teaching
Education: Bachelors Degree from University of Wisconsin and Master of Arts Degree from Sacramento, California.
About: John has taught music within the public schools in Sacramento, CA and Williams Bay, WI. John became the founding member of The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society and was a staff member at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society young Camp. John was a player with The New South Rampart Street Paraders, a fun high energy entertaining band, Steamboat Willie New Orleans Jazz band, numerous festivals in Euorpe and has performed on cruise ships and continues to expand his musical horizons. View John's Website.

Hillary Johns
Trumpet, Flute & Clarinet
Teaching on: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Experience: 14 Years
Education: Music/Performance Arts and Early Childhood teacher through the State of Wisconsin
About: Hillary has experience in everything from musicals at local playhouses to singing the National Anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks games. Hillary has travelled extensively and has had the opportunity to perform in jazz clubs in Switzerland and South America. Hillary has experience in designing individual curriculums as well as teaching Spanish. View Hillary's Website.

Brittany Pfaff
Flute & Woodwinds
Teaching on:
Experience: 6+ Years
Education: Bachelor of Arts in Music/Liberal Studies Minor and Post Baccalaureate Teacher Certification
About: Brittany's teaching philosophy: "Any student has the ability to succeed. It is my job as their teacher to set the expectations higher than the student may think they can achieve at first. Whether or not the student actually achieves the expectation at face value is not what is important. The journey to achieve the expectation is how the student truly discovers their ability. It is my job to guide them through that process."

View Brittany's Resume.

View Brittany's Website.

Mike Murphy
Teaching on: Wednesday & Thursday
Experience: 8 Years Teaching
Education: Studied Music at UW Milwaukee
About: Mike is an ideal choice as he encourages musicians to collaborate and learn together. Mike is patient and easygoing, he provides an inspiring atmosphere for students to learn to set goals for themselves and work at a comfortable pace. View Mike's Website.

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