Kristin Westmore

Piano, Harp, Violin, and Cello

Teaching Days: Monday

Music Background:
I started listening to classical music and attending orchestra performances at the age of 3. I started studying piano at 3 years old and have continued to study piano to enrich my repertoire. At the age of 11, I began studying the violin in addition to a concert harp a few years later. At 17, I performed violin and harp with an Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. I played the violin with the New World Orchestra in Indiana for four years. I studied the organ during college and played the harp with their orchestra. In my 20’s, I started studying cello. For five years, I played the piano/keyboard with a jazz band in Indiana, performing at various gigs. I have studied violin, cello, concert harp, and organ for over ten years each. I have also enjoyed studying banjo, harmonica, and guitar. I have had the opportunity to perform piano, cello, violin, and harp with various Orchestra performances, productions, receptions, and weddings. I am honored to have the opportunity to recorded a Mozart Piano Concerto with Dr. Chung at UW Whitewater. I have enjoyed composing piano, harp music and recently started composing orchestral music. I have enjoyed teaching music for over twenty-eight years. I have a variety of approaches to teaching music to parallel each student’s learning style. I teach various musical styles at all levels, from beginner to advanced. I enjoy teaching students that one is never too young to compose their own music. This naturally engages students in connecting to their music and the instrument they play, gaining a musical accomplishment and building confidence.

Choosing an instrument:
I believe students connect to the instruments they choose to study and the style of music they choose to learn and perform. When a student has yet to fully decide if they want to learn a new instrument, studying music for at least three to four months. This time invested will allow one an opportunity to learn the basic musical skills related to an instrument. Anything new is exciting; asking questions and practicing what was taught is a key to progress and learning.

Oliver Sacks says: “Music is a way of expressing oneself and often the best medicine.”
Louis Armstrong stated, “Music is life itself.”

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